About Dr. Stu

Over the years, I have been involved in the field of education in various full time administrative and teaching capacities as well as working in the make money through the internet marketing world.

As an internet marketer, I have studied and worked online since 2003 and have sold physical products, done affiliate marketing, have written many articles, attended many IM events and training sessions and have gotten to know who the good people are that provide value and have useful products that can help you to create an online business and help you to make money online.  

Here's an interesting short story for you about some of my journey:

I remember back in 2006, losing my job as a Director of Technology in a good public school district because of a new administration that took over the district and caused many people to leave as a result of the changes they made. In the end, they were not good changes and these new leaders who were hired in the district were soon afterwards fired.

Meanwhile, I forged ahead to create another career path for myself with internet marketing that I became fascinated with and was reading, studying, listening to lectures and videos and attending numerous internet marketing events around the US and buying numerous products and started selling some of them and was making money online and just loved it.

I also realized that it took a lot of time and patience to do this work. It's not an overnight fix. It's work. It's somewhat a job but for me a job I liked.

You know, we've got to do something with our time to make money and a living, so it might as well be the adventurous and ever changing online world.

I remember being in meetings in the early 90s where we talked about https and the internet.  I've been involved with computers since the beginning.  And so, yes, you may hear or think that internet marketing is very competitive and you're right, but what's not competitive in this world?  It makes you try harder to succeed.

And you know that success is based on taking action as a key ingredient both online and with anything you do in life.

Even if it's winning the lottery, you still would have had to take action to buy the ticket! 🙂  

So, I would consider myself a middleman between you and the people that have great products, methods and services that can help you to make money online and offline.

And what I'm referring to when I say offline is working with local business owners to help them get leads to grow their businesses.

So what I want to do in this website is educate you to the various ways you can earn money both online and in the real world and recommend to you really good products from various other marketers.

And as an educator since college, I love to teach others and I'm good at it and I really like to do it in an interesting and fun way, when possible. 

So my classes were usually very hands on and project based vs. just lectures, taking notes and being really bored. 

I taught 6th grade in Los Angeles for several years and my students were rarely absent because they just loved coming to school for my classes as I made learning fun and interesting through competitions, games, projects and student based contracts on achieving certain work projects of their choice.

I received a Doctor of Education degree (Ed.D.) from Teachers College, Columbia University, in the field of Educational Administration and Technology in 1996. 

In my full time Director of Technology positions, I organized and implemented over 1000 hours of professional development classes and individualized instruction for K-12 teachers, students, staff and community members, in three public school districts, on the use of Microsoft Office as well as the use of various online programs and hardware devices. I also created and taught computer classes for senior citizens and organized and implemented evening computer classes for community members and have taught students from ages 5-90.

Working with senior citizens in their 70s, 80s and 90s was a blast!  It was so much fun helping them learn how to use computers and they brought many smiles to my face!

I also have over three years of experience as an adult vocational school director and assistant director.  I was responsible for hiring and supervising staff, managing budgets, training, facilities, and the overall management of the school or department and more.

As a public elementary school computer teacher, I taught grades K-8 over a period of seven years and was also a sixth grade classroom teacher for three years, an adult school ESL teacher for three years and a piano teacher for ten years.

I also taught Microsoft Office computer classes in a Manhattan adult school, and worked as a technology trainer at the Bigelow Tea & Prudential companies and I still work with private clients and corporations. 

I have high level of proficiency and extensive experience teaching Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote to corporations, banks, businesses. schools and individuals.

And I've created hundreds of hours of training and informational videos over the years. 

Here are a few more things I've accomplished in my educational related work:

  • Created blogs, wrote and edited content and recorded online training videos.
  • Setups of computers & printers on over 100 home networks for veterans including software installations & training sessions.
  • Created and taught numerous Outlook and OneNote training classes and sessions to executives, assistants and other staff members in groups and individually both in person and online.
  • Received numerous evaluations praising the excellent and informative classes that were taught.
  • Developed and recorded a Microsoft OneNote video course using Camtasia.
  • Created training documents, wrote curriculum, website content & edited newsletters.
  • Analyzed and evaluated gaps, data and feedback from surveys to improve training programs, create website content and offer ongoing training and technical support to staff.

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