October 17


Working With Local Businesses

By Dr. Stu

October 17, 2023

There's definitely money to be made if you work with local businesses in your area.

Maybe you can help restaurants get more customers by helping them with their online advertising.

Maybe you can contact various massage therapists or spas and help them improve their websites or even build them one from scratch.

Maybe you can create videos for a local business such as the ones below.

Yes, you might need to learn some technical skills to help them or you could outsource the work needed to be done on various websites such as Fiverr, UpWork or Freelancer. 

Plus, once you develop some new technical skills yourself, you can advertise your services on these websites and on other websites. 

None of this is overnight. If you want to succeed online, it's like any other job. You need to focus and spend time learning your trade and your job responsibilities and then you can make a living with those skills.

Watch and enjoy the 2 short videos below. 

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