October 7


A Video A Day Keeps The Voctor Away!

By Dr. Stu

October 7, 2023

Wow!  Was I surprised when I created the title for this post by using the word "Voctor" instead of "Doctor" just because using the letter "V" made the title sound better, in my opinion.

Then, I had to laugh when I looked up "Voctor" and it's an actual word. Here's the meaning from the following webpage.  https://voctor.ai/vwhat.html

VOCTOR is a digital gateway to a doctor which takes on the task of answering questions, educating the user via podcasts, walking the user through clinical steps, and connecting to a doctor.

 It is in the best interest of a doctor who would prefer patients to come through his/her Voctor which educates and prepares them via selected podcasts and Q&A sessions. Such an intermediate step increases the efficiency of doctor-patient interaction, saves money and time for the entire treatment cycle. 

Who knew? 


But I wanted to post the following introduction of a great e-book on video marketing, as if you get involved making videos for businesses of numerous niches such as Nail Salons, Electricians, Dentists, Plumbers, Attorneys, Massage Therapists, etc. etc. you can make some good money.  So I'm attempting to educate you in this website on some of your choices of where money could be lurking for you 🙂 

So read this excerpt below and see what you think.

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