October 9


Email Marketing Mystery Man

By Dr. Stu

October 9, 2023

You're wondering who the mystery man is.

Everyday I get emails from people I don't know, both men and women.

So maybe a more accurate title would be "Email Marketing Mystery Man & Woman".

Well, whether you are a male or a female, you are the mystery man or woman when you send people emails.

They don't know who you are,, so you need to, educate them and even entertain them to get them to like you and then, maybe, they'll read your emails and then, maybe, someday, if you're lucky, they'll buy something from you and you'll no longer be their mystery man or woman.

So, I'm sure you must know that learning all of the details related to proper email marketing can help you to make money online.

Therefore, read this short excerpt from this e-book "Evergreen Email Marketing" and then, if you want, let me send you the complete 53-page e-book for free. 

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