October 19



By Dr. Stu

October 19, 2023

What on earth does Stuberman mean, you ask? 

Well, talking about making money online, I drive my car for Uber Eats to pick up food from restaurants galore and deliver the munchies to their hungry recipients in the towns nearby to where I live. I love the job most of the time, as I work whenever I want  and accept and reject the deliveries as I wish.  

The making money online part is using the Uber phone app to receive your pickup and delivery info via their, not as good as Google Maps, GPS system.

But it's making me the money I've been using this year to fund my vacations and internet marketing business.

So picking up a part time flexible job is really not a bad idea, in addition to working on developing an online business, as it helps you to keep paying your bills, eating some good food, funding your business and keeping you moving forward with some ongoing cash flow that can help you to enjoy yourself as well go on some vacations. 

Check out the photos and videos below of my car driving views and vacation scenes using the money I made from Stubering. 

Beautiful Rainbow!

Interesting Speedometer Numbers

More Interesting Speedometer Numbers

Pigeons Having Lunch in MSC Cay Island Bahamas

Snack Time At Bear Mountain State Park

Beautiful and Large MSC Cruise Ship

More Interesting Speedometer Numbers

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